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How can…


… the elapsed time between an AFib alert and a clinical diagnosis and subsequent care plan be reduced from months to weeks?


… patient stress level be lowered by early, accurate and timely diagnosis by a trusted cardiologist?


… health care spending be reduced by avoiding strokes, heart attacks and systemic embolism brought on by undiagnosed heart rhythm disorders?


… fitness and wellness complement a clinical arrhythmia care plan?


… lives be saved?​

What steps…

... can be taken to answer these questions and realize the benefits?

  1. Partner with Step Health™

  2. Promote AFibDx from Step Health™


A click-initiated, facilitated process to receive a clinical diagnosis of atrial fibrillation – or other actionable heart arrhythmia – from a trusted local cardiologist on an expedited basis.


Where appropriate, AFibDx will also offer a recommended regimen of fitness and activity that can minimize the reoccurrence or severity of heart arrhythmias.


AFibDx is the "now what do I do" turnkey solution for those who are alerted that they may have an irregular heart rhythm –

… having felt actual symptoms,

… via their smart watch or fitness band, or

… from their health plan based upon a health risk profile.

Markets we serve

  • Consumers –  With or without an AFib detection-enabled smart watch or fitness band

  • Employers – Fully-insured and self-funded health plan sponsors

  • Payers – Group, individual, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement insurers

Who benefits & how

  • Consumers / patients – Speed to diagnosis, peace of mind and... possibly their lives

  • Employers – A healthier work force and the employee goodwill earned by optimizing the care pathway for beneficiaries facing a moment of crisis

  • Health plans / payers – Improved health care resource utilization (HCRU), better member outcomes and, for certain plan types, risk adjustment income

  • Cardiologists – Pre-qualified patient intake with optimal staff resource deployment

  • Smart watch & fitness band companies – A more complete wearable user experience

  • Medical device and pharmacology providers – Increased  patient volume



Let's get in step

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